1. Ginza Travel

    20process 19-3 - d three-dimensional quality control

    5 way (IQC) incoming inspection6 (IPQC) process inspection5 (FQC) online inspection3 (OQC) shipment inspection1 (QA), quality audits, testing1 (QE) engineering quality

    From the production line to the world

    With its strong production strength and advanced technology, ginza bags are exported to 200 countries and regions including Europe, America, Australia, Japan and South Korea

    Our team

    Three teams, collaboration support


    CNN r&d team


    Team of technical administrators


    Production team staff

    Brand introduction
    Brand introduction


    Don't forget your beginner's mind

    Tough international standards

    Detailed design, rigorous design, material selection

    Every element, every line

    It's all about the quality of the work

    Measure quality with digital index

    To be a leader in Chinese suitcase with excellent quality

    Craftsmanship is ink, time is pen

    It is a journey of 25 years

    In the name of ginza

    A new chapter in Chinese suitcase painting

    Brand cooperation
    Brand cooperation
    Our patent
    Our patent


    More than sixty - six patents


    17 new product development and development


    A major science and technology project


    Ginza strength
    ginza travel strength


    Enterprise area

    52000square meters


    The annual output

    3.6million pieces


    Construction area of

    9.130,000square meters


    Staff member



    Annual output value

    700million yuan

    Zhejiang ginza bags, a collection of research and development, production, retail, and services in a comprehensive strength box enterprise, located in the Chinese boxes and bags production base -- zhejiang pinghu

    Since its establishment, ginza has always been in the forefront of the industry, with keen perception and professional technology to develop the box products that adapt to the trend.

    Company set as a raw material, ABS, EVA, PC focus hard box made twenty years, on the premise of environmental protection, health, safety, quality, fashion, personality as the foundation, unceasingly enterprising, innovation, timely meet domestic high-end consumer groups in the demand for bags.

    With the continuous development and expansion of the enterprise, the total assets of the company reached 650 million yuan at the end of 2016, with annual output value of 700 million yuan, and an annual output of 3.6 million units.The company covers an area of 52,000 square meters with a floor area of 913,000m2

    30 domestic leading production lines
    Based on abundant production power and advanced technology and equipment, ginza owns 30 domestic leading production lines and produces 3.6 million high-quality suitcase annually.
    7 PP production line
    Invest a lot of money, ginza build industry leading PP production line, annual production of 1 million PP bags, with high efficiency production capacity and level once molding, resource conservation, environmental protection and efficiency.
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    Seven cooperative inspection organizations
    Detection mechanism
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